- Events -

Polarity hosts several event series, and we've got something for everyone. The best way to keep up to date on our events is to subscribe to our events on Facebook.

Our Event Series
Our Current Event Series:
  • CFL Smackdown: Our most well-known weekly series hosts Melee every Monday and Smash 4 and 64 every Tuesday.
  • Unrivaled: This monthly series is held on Saturdays every month or so.
  • Amateur Melee League: We've hosted 3 seasons so far our Melee league for non-PR players.
  • Outlawed: A monthly PM event held on most first Wednesdays of the month.
Past Events:

- Broadcasts -

In addition to hosting all our events, we also broadcast our events, along with many other events. Find VODs of all our broadcasts here.


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- Staff -

Kelly "Kupo" Goodchild

Kelly "Kupo" Goodchild

Director of Events

Events. Melee. Colbol.

Gavin "Azzy" Kuhl

Gavin "Azzy" Kuhl

Director of Media

Broadcasts. Technology. Anime.

Lindsay Gonshak

Lindsay Gonshak

Director of Public Relations

Twitter. Facebook. Memes.

Matt "Moses" Kiep

Matt "Moses" Kiep

Director of Operations

Business development. Partnerships. Pop-punk.

Alicia "Eshabug" White

Alicia "Eshabug" White

Event Manager: Smash 4

Events. Smash 4. FPS's.

Jimmy "Keyboardhead" Do

Jimmy "Keyboardhead" Do

Media Manager: Twitch

Twitch. Keyboards.

Johnathan "Schrader" Schrader

Johnathan "Schrader"

Media Manager: Commentary

Commentary scheduling. Commentator development.

Jonathan "Derdian" Turner

Jonathan "Derdian" Turner

Media Manager: YouTube

VODs. Handoffs.


- About Us -

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect people through the games they love by building engaging face to face and online experiences. We aim to provide a community where people can have fun, compete, thrive, and most importantly, belong.

The Fundamentals of Polarity

These fundamentals are the core of what we do at Polarity.

  • Community: We always put the community first.
  • Integrity: We value honesty and transparency.
  • Quality: We execute completely.